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What do you get when you combine Anthropologie and Malaysia’s rising songstress together?

An awesome in-store show of course! Yuna will be performing in Seattle as part of Anthropologie’s Push Play Project this coming Friday. Wish we could be in Seattle right now to soak in the fun! Plus, Yuna’s impeccable fashion sense is really to envy for. Share with us some nice shots if you were lucky enough to catch the show!

N got a sweet break to have met and snapped a picture with her when she was in the city last year. She still looked great even after having had to perform earlier that day at Central Park. We think casual chic suits her personality, don’t you agree?

@Highline Ballroom


we love artists cum performers who are different from the rest of the pack. the ones who are not afraid to try something out of the ordinary to capture the attention of others. we are sure most of you own a mental list of personal favs, so do we. 2 favs on top of our heads are:

you have to admit, it has been a while since we saw Rihanna crack a smile in any of her recent music videos. so imagine our joy when we witness her latest single “only girl in the world” on MTV looking all smiley, sexy and convincingly happy!
plus the vid is so vividly beautiful and graphically enticing. worth a share with you lovely people!
another artist that has been a personal favourite of us since she first rose to fame in the late 90s is the multitalented and individualistic performer, Utada Hikaru. most people would associate her with the typical though infectious love ballad hits such as First Love and Flavour of Life but we beg to differ, oh yes we do. the cult favs- Simple&Clean, Addicted to You, Sakura Drops and Sanctuary to name a few, prove that Ms Hikaru is more than a mere pop+ballad princess. She’s not afraid to experiment in her music videos as well, like this one here:

more than meets the eye, more than just a pretty face, more than just a beautiful voice. if only people would stop making a huge fuss about the fact that she was born in the States and are able to speak fluent English. She’s Japanese through and through. Just enjoy the talent and music 🙂 cheers!