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Yesterday, Madison Avenue Spy highlighted an intriguing (if questionable) cobbler practice of adding red soles to shoes that don’t happen to be Christian Louboutins — or in need of repair for that matter — by customer request.

Given the shoe label’s ongoing run of design infringement-based lawsuits (most recently waged against red-bottomed styles by YSL and Brazil-based Carmen Steffens), we figured it would be particularly difficult to track the service down elsewhere. Not so.

Lexington Avenue-based Empire Shoe Repair’s crew was happy to walk us through the hour-long, $34 process — from shaving down city-worn (or new) soles to adding traction to footbeds to prevent sidewalk slips. (In the case of genuine Louboutins, only the front half of the shoe is altered and the label logo is kept intact; for others, the only way to tell the difference is to take a close look at the Louboutin imprint-less inner arch.) And yes: While the practice is meant for Louboutin owners intending to maintain their soles, it’s clear that non-owners are cashing in on the look — and that local cobblers are cashing in on offering the service.

A handful of other city sources offer the service, too. Looking for a Loub job of your own? Try one of these shops:

$34 at Empire Shoe Repair, 911 Lexington Avenue; 212-744-1257
$17 at Erik Shoe Repair, 353 Grand Street; 212-673-0507
$25 at Cobbler Express, 60 Wall Street; 212-809-9814
$18-$24 at Star Shoe Repair at 60 Bleecker Street; 212-505-9255
$34.75 at Jim’s Shoe Repair, 50 East 59th Street; 212-355-8259

Hmm, honest opinion from us. Just don’t get anything fake 🙂


Yay or Nay? and most of our readers and clients agree that they are uber excited over Sephora… few months has passed and yet we still haven’t heard anything about Sephora development for Malaysia.

Sephora is amazingly cool, since last year I have been hearing of rumors that Sephora is coming to Malaysia (ever since Stila closed its doors in Malaysia). We even write a post about our excitement over this. Can you imagine having to purchase NARS (mind you that we ADORE this brand of make-up). 0o0oh amazingly cool for all Malaysian girls.

This is the image of Sephora outside of StarHill looks futuristic and expensive! let’s hope that’s not the case for the make-up (we want it to be affordable as possible). YTL was actually going to build a structure just to house Sephora!! “Yes, the makeup giant we all know, SEPHORA!” a friend said to me *excited* There is no news yet on when it’s supposed to open, so I guess we’ll just have to wait for it.

Let’s hope, Malaysians can now get their hands on cosmetic and skincare brands that have been so elusive to everyone, and hopefully not at an exorbitant price! Again that is our main concern for everyone! 🙂 as you know Soi66 is fashion affordable!

Lastly, let me show you something *envy much?* kill me… 🙂

I love New York City! 🙂
Til next time, I am sure we will get more on Sephora! The opening might even have Blake Lively in Malaysia and please bring Penn Badgley along? yes? Nay?

Blake Lively, stuns on David Letterman

Need we say more? she have killer legs, hot boyfriend, amazing body and good career! She look lovely in Elie Saab Fall/Winter 2010 collection. Even on the runway, it’s just amazing.

And what’s that?… we don’t think this is the best dress for her this year but it’s not the nay too! we give it a 3.5 out of 5 to be fair! and yes, we are still jealous of her legs and to have a killer hot boyfriend like Penn Badgley! in a recent interview with Allure magazine, Blake confesses that she wants a lot of babies with good hair and an amazing birthday cake every year for them! Aww, Blake is a good girl too 🙂 she’s an angel who loves to bake with stilettos…

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Who do you look for inspiration? Do you flip over to your fashion bible and get the inspiration from there, or adore a fashion celebrity and wish you can be just like her? you follow and try as hard to look pretty and stunning just like what you see on the cover of a magazine? the truth is, life is not that glossy as a fashion cover or a spread in a magazine.

There is a lot of people involve in dealing with a fashion shoot, yes it is and the amount of time to make someone look amazingly beautiful in front of a magazine takes weeks to assemble. Yet, no one really cares of who is working behind the scenes. Again now, we’re asking who are your fashion style “Gurus”?

It is such a fun and simple question, right? but yet it is so hard to answer because, Hey! Fashion is what girls live for, no matter what they say about it. In every girl, they know what they want for themselves.No matter what style, punk to classy, messy to dressy.

We for once want to hear from you, some would say Sienna Miller and Blake Lively is the mother of all street style icon, some would also differ and say Kate Moss is the birth mother of TopShop. Would you agree with the statement? Fashion is unique and style is what you want to have, no matter where you are – Malaysia to New York City.

Let us know now, who are your fashion style “Gurus”?

have a nice monday fashion rebel,