You’re excited because Sephora carries exclusive brands, yes? Among the hundreds, which ones are your favorite? Share with me ♥ Beauty Editor, SM that’s the question asks from Sephora Malaysia Facebook page. Don’t forget to LIKE it! because Soi66 adore Sephora and we bet all the fashiontastic girls out there will enjoy it as much as we do!

The answer for it is : NARS

Nars product shades carry provocative names like ‘Orgasm’, ‘Deep Throat’, ‘Striptease,’ and ‘Sex Machine‘. NARS ‘Orgasm’ blush is one of their most top-selling products, being Best of Sephora’s Best Blush for 2006, 2007 and 2008. The success[3] of the ‘Orgasm’ products led to the creation of gift sets such as the ‘Safer Multiple Orgasm’ set, which includes a NARS Multiple (a cream stick which can be used on eyes, lips, or cheeks) in ‘Orgasm’ as well as two condoms[4]. They have also developed an ‘Orgasm’ nail polish and different kind of ‘Orgasm’ product throughout the years.

Back to Sephora Malaysia.

Don’t you think it’s too grand for a Sephora store? and how much do you think the cosmetics will be?

We do know for a fact that Sephora is a one stop center for make-up (at least for us because we’re in New York City) but how can Sephora compete with Sasa? as the fundamental business foundation is similar?

Other than that, we can tell you that they’re rounding up their team of beauty insiders!

Sephora Malaysia, PR! We’re talking to you. Email us the press release… haha!

Til next time, We will definitely keep you posted on things.


So, it’s 2011.
2010 came and went like a very strong breeze sweeping us off our feet. Soi66 is now one and a half year old baby having had to crawl our way to the top, defying odds and overcoming obstacles along the way.
We had our share of hiccups, but thanks to YOU – we are still here, up and running!

We are now fully operating in NYC seeing that the both of us are here pursuing our Masters full time while trying to make a living *allsmiles* Sadly to announce that effective 1st February, only local orders will be entertained due to our limited resources. We will get our personal and business matters sorted out and if things do go well, we will continue to cater to our ever supportive customers back home in Malaysia.

Wish us luck in the BIg Apple, we’ll try not to miss home..much 🙂
Meanwhile, we share the newest face of the current season’s Armani jeans and underwear line – Spanish tennis ace, Rafael Nadal! El es muy guapo, no?

..oh and there’s Megan Fox as well, keeping her contract intact for the second consecutive season. Can’t say we’re feeling sorry for Christiano Ronaldo though, too sexy for Armani perhaps?

Keep in touch with us, we’re always happy to receive your mails and answer your queries.

Watch this space for more news and updates of our new adventure in States together!


Been visiting Bukit Bintang lately? PLENTY has changed till it almost feels like a brand new BB! Check out the newly erected mall – Fahrenheit 88 and the refurbished exterior of the ever iconic Lot 10

On my recent visit to BB, I noticed a massive cube like TV screen and all 4 surfaces were running video ads simultaneously! It was attention grabbing, that it was. Should have taken a few snaps to share with you lovelies but ah, I got sidetracked as I was walking absentmindedly to the first flagship store of Uniqlo 🙂 The first thing that caught my eyes was a billboard ad of Charlize Theron donning the brand’s AW 10 collection looking absolutely stunning! Check out this season’s campaign ads:

Don’t you just feel like grabbing your purses and march right to its store? The power of advertising and celebrity endorsements. Bliss 🙂

Find out more about the brand here.


Catalogue Updated!

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Hey lovelies,
Checkout our latest photo catalogue!

much love

Soi66 has always been a fan and super excited for the US flagship store! If only we get to go for the launch. Ever since we saw the Spring 2011 collection! We were sold to the new rebel look of it (hey! Soi66 have the same sense of fashion, you know what I mean?)! If you don’t know what we are excited about. Let us introduce you to, Mackage!

or you can visit their official website :

Yay or Nay? and most of our readers and clients agree that they are uber excited over Sephora… few months has passed and yet we still haven’t heard anything about Sephora development for Malaysia.

Sephora is amazingly cool, since last year I have been hearing of rumors that Sephora is coming to Malaysia (ever since Stila closed its doors in Malaysia). We even write a post about our excitement over this. Can you imagine having to purchase NARS (mind you that we ADORE this brand of make-up). 0o0oh amazingly cool for all Malaysian girls.

This is the image of Sephora outside of StarHill looks futuristic and expensive! let’s hope that’s not the case for the make-up (we want it to be affordable as possible). YTL was actually going to build a structure just to house Sephora!! “Yes, the makeup giant we all know, SEPHORA!” a friend said to me *excited* There is no news yet on when it’s supposed to open, so I guess we’ll just have to wait for it.

Let’s hope, Malaysians can now get their hands on cosmetic and skincare brands that have been so elusive to everyone, and hopefully not at an exorbitant price! Again that is our main concern for everyone! 🙂 as you know Soi66 is fashion affordable!

Lastly, let me show you something *envy much?* kill me… 🙂

I love New York City! 🙂
Til next time, I am sure we will get more on Sephora! The opening might even have Blake Lively in Malaysia and please bring Penn Badgley along? yes? Nay?