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One thing we sure love about Spring is the Film Festivals and Metropolitan College of New York is no exception. Launched just two years ago, MCNY short film festivals has become to me the best platform for new filmmakers out there. Simply the only school in New York City that started with a short film festivals, MCNY is truly a students event that transcendent the creativity of short films.The festival offers opportunity for short film makers to get their film out there.

Pssst, they’re still looking for submission for the short film festival. Films should not be longer than 20 minutes or larger than 500 MB to be eligible for submission. What are you waiting for? take out that camera and shoot away and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions

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You’re excited because Sephora carries exclusive brands, yes? Among the hundreds, which ones are your favorite? Share with me ♥ Beauty Editor, SM that’s the question asks from Sephora Malaysia Facebook page. Don’t forget to LIKE it! because Soi66 adore Sephora and we bet all the fashiontastic girls out there will enjoy it as much as we do!

The answer for it is : NARS

Nars product shades carry provocative names like ‘Orgasm’, ‘Deep Throat’, ‘Striptease,’ and ‘Sex Machine‘. NARS ‘Orgasm’ blush is one of their most top-selling products, being Best of Sephora’s Best Blush for 2006, 2007 and 2008. The success[3] of the ‘Orgasm’ products led to the creation of gift sets such as the ‘Safer Multiple Orgasm’ set, which includes a NARS Multiple (a cream stick which can be used on eyes, lips, or cheeks) in ‘Orgasm’ as well as two condoms[4]. They have also developed an ‘Orgasm’ nail polish and different kind of ‘Orgasm’ product throughout the years.

Back to Sephora Malaysia.

Don’t you think it’s too grand for a Sephora store? and how much do you think the cosmetics will be?

We do know for a fact that Sephora is a one stop center for make-up (at least for us because we’re in New York City) but how can Sephora compete with Sasa? as the fundamental business foundation is similar?

Other than that, we can tell you that they’re rounding up their team of beauty insiders!

Sephora Malaysia, PR! We’re talking to you. Email us the press release… haha!

Til next time, We will definitely keep you posted on things.

Been visiting Bukit Bintang lately? PLENTY has changed till it almost feels like a brand new BB! Check out the newly erected mall – Fahrenheit 88 and the refurbished exterior of the ever iconic Lot 10

On my recent visit to BB, I noticed a massive cube like TV screen and all 4 surfaces were running video ads simultaneously! It was attention grabbing, that it was. Should have taken a few snaps to share with you lovelies but ah, I got sidetracked as I was walking absentmindedly to the first flagship store of Uniqlo 🙂 The first thing that caught my eyes was a billboard ad of Charlize Theron donning the brand’s AW 10 collection looking absolutely stunning! Check out this season’s campaign ads:

Don’t you just feel like grabbing your purses and march right to its store? The power of advertising and celebrity endorsements. Bliss 🙂

Find out more about the brand here.


It is a long quiet night. Aliaa and I are reminiscing our ‘glam’ days back when Soi66 was just a distant dream and we come to a realization that the publishing world was indeed a tough business. Sure we had absolute fun, plenty of fond memories to cherish forever and after but being one of the players in this industry had left us with a profound impact and whole lotta wisdom, so to speak. We see things a little different now, simply because we know the amount of filtered and altered information that makes a magazine a best selling magazine.
I, for example in my teenage years were taken by the pretty and flashy things in all fashion+beauty magazines. Back then, Cleo was my fashion Bible. Nothing can go wrong as long as i have my monthly copy. Whatever Cleo says is absolute. No point in refuting tiny bit of news, tips, advices and gossips.

I gradually phased into my young adult years and decided to give Cleo a rest and moved on to a more sophisticated range of magazines. Point here is, what I did was getting addicted from one drug to another, I simply couldn’t survive without my fashion Gurus.
Then both of us got into the throat slashing world of publishing and boy oh boy..we were dumbfounded, awed and found ourselves feeling like a fool! It took us a while but we soon realized that we were in the business of fabricating the truth and that it is okay ‘cos every other publishing companies are doing the very same thing! We utilized the knowledge of our reader’s interests and incorporated them in everything we do to come up with a brand new issue every other end of the month. It wasn’t as if we were committing a crime (see how we psycho-ed ourselves?), we were just serving their needs and ultimately control and thereby influence the consumer’s buying power. It all boils down to; drum roll please Money! But then again so it everything else, so why should the publishing industry be any different? Who are we to defy the workings of a profitable business?

Regardless, we decided to abandon ship and set course to a new endeavor and we have not looked back ever since. We are addiction free as of 2009 and are happy to make our own big waves 🙂

we love artists cum performers who are different from the rest of the pack. the ones who are not afraid to try something out of the ordinary to capture the attention of others. we are sure most of you own a mental list of personal favs, so do we. 2 favs on top of our heads are:

you have to admit, it has been a while since we saw Rihanna crack a smile in any of her recent music videos. so imagine our joy when we witness her latest single “only girl in the world” on MTV looking all smiley, sexy and convincingly happy!
plus the vid is so vividly beautiful and graphically enticing. worth a share with you lovely people!
another artist that has been a personal favourite of us since she first rose to fame in the late 90s is the multitalented and individualistic performer, Utada Hikaru. most people would associate her with the typical though infectious love ballad hits such as First Love and Flavour of Life but we beg to differ, oh yes we do. the cult favs- Simple&Clean, Addicted to You, Sakura Drops and Sanctuary to name a few, prove that Ms Hikaru is more than a mere pop+ballad princess. She’s not afraid to experiment in her music videos as well, like this one here:

more than meets the eye, more than just a pretty face, more than just a beautiful voice. if only people would stop making a huge fuss about the fact that she was born in the States and are able to speak fluent English. She’s Japanese through and through. Just enjoy the talent and music 🙂 cheers!

Calvin Klein never fails to impress us with its racy and eye popping CK Jeans&CKU ads. remember the 90s campaign featuring Mark Wahlberg, who was then known as Marky Mark posing beautifully with supermodel Kate Moss?

or Spring ’10 campaign with the gorgeous Eva Mendes gracing the international billboards (you won’t find them in Malaysia though, bummer!)

recently CKU came up with an ad campaign with a series of jaw dropping, perfectly sculptured men namely; Kellan Lutz, Mechad Brooks, Fernando Verdasco and Hidetoshi Nakata to model its latest range of fancy briefs. Soi66 can’t object to this, we are too busy ogling them ;p
our personal favourite –

feast your eyes ladies, we know we are *devilish grins*

Gleeks no more?

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do you recognize them? uhuh, you got it right peeps, they’re none other than our beloved Finn, Rachel & Quinn from the hit TV series – Glee!
we were almost, almost shocked to see GQ’s latest photo spread on these three rising stars!
but hey, despite all the controversies they are getting plenty of attention for appearing on the front cover of America’s top selling magazine!

what do you have got to say to that?

see more pics here.