A brand new year AND a brand new homebase!

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Malaysia, New York City, News, Updates

So, it’s 2011.
2010 came and went like a very strong breeze sweeping us off our feet. Soi66 is now one and a half year old baby having had to crawl our way to the top, defying odds and overcoming obstacles along the way.
We had our share of hiccups, but thanks to YOU – we are still here, up and running!

We are now fully operating in NYC seeing that the both of us are here pursuing our Masters full time while trying to make a living *allsmiles* Sadly to announce that effective 1st February, only local orders will be entertained due to our limited resources. We will get our personal and business matters sorted out and if things do go well, we will continue to cater to our ever supportive customers back home in Malaysia.

Wish us luck in the BIg Apple, we’ll try not to miss home..much 🙂
Meanwhile, we share the newest face of the current season’s Armani jeans and underwear line – Spanish tennis ace, Rafael Nadal! El es muy guapo, no?

..oh and there’s Megan Fox as well, keeping her contract intact for the second consecutive season. Can’t say we’re feeling sorry for Christiano Ronaldo though, too sexy for Armani perhaps?

Keep in touch with us, we’re always happy to receive your mails and answer your queries.

Watch this space for more news and updates of our new adventure in States together!



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