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Posted: December 3, 2010 in Celebrity, Fashion, New York City
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Yes, I’m still alive. Don’t worry about the lack of posts from me in New York City. It has been a crazy month full of assignments, events, and most importantly…laziness. I swear I have a lot to talk about and it has been a great month (November and December just started)

Let’s see what’s happened since I last updated….

I discovered this yesterday and it was a mind-blowing moment for me.

In Add Minus is a brand of contemporary clothes for women and men with a pricepoint like Zara’s – but its difference is that the fabrics and quality are a cut above. It’s a great place for men and women to buy well-cut work clothes, suits (around $600) blouses and leather jackets (around $400). The brand is owned by a Malaysian company, and just opened a store in the Century City Mall, Santa Monica, California. The intend to open other boutiques in New York and Miami and Costa Mesa in 2011. New York’s is planned for this January (our heart is beating). The last time we heard, this company is not playing games! The cast from Glee and Gossip Girl is a fan already and they showed their support at the launch event. Let’s jump in the van with them, shall we?

*ehem* who ever you are, contact us 😛 we would love to get a glimpse of this awesome collection in New York City! We will definitely update you more on In Add Minus! Soi66 is uber excited.

We’re excited, are you?

  1. Cassandra Wesley says:

    I purchased a beautiful little black dress from your In Add Minus Century City Store in Los Angeles which is now closed … where can I buy your Plisse Halter Dress with Obi belt in 100% silk shantung in the color Jata???? I’ve serched high and low for this dress to no avail … I desperately need it for a wedding in 2 two weeks … HELP!!!!

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