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Posted: December 3, 2010 in Viral Loop
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It is a long quiet night. Aliaa and I are reminiscing our ‘glam’ days back when Soi66 was just a distant dream and we come to a realization that the publishing world was indeed a tough business. Sure we had absolute fun, plenty of fond memories to cherish forever and after but being one of the players in this industry had left us with a profound impact and whole lotta wisdom, so to speak. We see things a little different now, simply because we know the amount of filtered and altered information that makes a magazine a best selling magazine.
I, for example in my teenage years were taken by the pretty and flashy things in all fashion+beauty magazines. Back then, Cleo was my fashion Bible. Nothing can go wrong as long as i have my monthly copy. Whatever Cleo says is absolute. No point in refuting tiny bit of news, tips, advices and gossips.

I gradually phased into my young adult years and decided to give Cleo a rest and moved on to a more sophisticated range of magazines. Point here is, what I did was getting addicted from one drug to another, I simply couldn’t survive without my fashion Gurus.
Then both of us got into the throat slashing world of publishing and boy oh boy..we were dumbfounded, awed and found ourselves feeling like a fool! It took us a while but we soon realized that we were in the business of fabricating the truth and that it is okay ‘cos every other publishing companies are doing the very same thing! We utilized the knowledge of our reader’s interests and incorporated them in everything we do to come up with a brand new issue every other end of the month. It wasn’t as if we were committing a crime (see how we psycho-ed ourselves?), we were just serving their needs and ultimately control and thereby influence the consumer’s buying power. It all boils down to; drum roll please Money! But then again so it everything else, so why should the publishing industry be any different? Who are we to defy the workings of a profitable business?

Regardless, we decided to abandon ship and set course to a new endeavor and we have not looked back ever since. We are addiction free as of 2009 and are happy to make our own big waves 🙂


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