Once Upon A time

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Viral Loop
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New York City changed my life, it might even have saved my life. It is a magical place with beautiful people all around you from Upper East Side to Downtown Brooklyn, serious style is carried out well, you can go to East Side and you can see style is more Hipster or Upper East side, mixing elegant scarf with cashmere sweaters.

New York City skyline

I learned that you don’t need to be a movie star to look like one. New York City taught me that looking good was about confidence and attitude. Believe me, you need a lot of attitude to be living in New York City! A job at a top selling magazine in South in Asia has garnered me (us) to fashion behind and in front of the camera. Now Soi66 are drowning in fashion. All the experience has taught me an important lessons about fashion world, personal style and clothing as general.

Everyone need to “own” and feel comfortable in what they wear, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re comfortable. If you want to wear just T-shirt and Jeans. Go ahead. Do it! Be a rebel, add some touch of chunky accessories and a fedora hat!simple but elegant!

Clothing helps an individual to self explain them self, make them original and unique, it communicates who they are, what they do and what they want. No matter what you wear, it doesn’t matter as long as you think its fabulous! what other people think about you, is just a perception and what you think about yourself will last longer than a perception of others.

I learn it the hard way from Malaysia to New York City. Please allow me to introduce my self as the other half of Soi66 Aliaa Zulkifli who is currently resides in New York City, Soi66 represents effortless charm and sophisticated fashion forward style. We don’t mind mixing dressy with messy, We’re a rebel when it comes to fashion. As I learn, you need to stop Just wearing your clothes and start Owning it! Doesn’t matter what it is.

Have a good week ahead.


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