Rain Rain, Go Away!

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Viral Loop
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When we’re talking about rain, the first thing that comes up in our mind in fashion is rain boots and if you’re lucky, There’s no rain at all, unfortunately it has been raining the whole week for half of Soi66 in New York City!

Right now as I’m sitting here while sipping coffee, typing this nevertheless I took a peek at my rain boots. “Hmmm” was the first thing that came up to my mind. “Cute” is the second thing that came out from my mouth *grins*

I am a big fan of Michael Kors Rain Boots. There are stylish yet serve the purpose of having rain boots in the first place. This is what I have and I’m loving my very own Micheal Kors! It’s biker inspired and 0oh so “Fashion Rebel” like attitude that caught my interest about this Uberly amazing Rain boots but a lot of girls out there still prefer the classic rain boots. What is consider as a classic design?

Soi66 managed to talk to several girls who is still wondering what brand and line that carries the trendiest rain boots, so here it goes – Two of Soi66’s favorite “classic” rain boots:

When we’re talking rain boots, nothing is more classic than a pair of Hunters. They fit great, feel great, look great, and do what they’re supposed to perfectly! (keep out water, duh). If you’re not a fan of black hues, you can also get them in variety of other fantastic colors, as well as with a glossy finish if you don’t prefer the matte look.

Another solid choice is the rain boots by Burberry. All of Burberry’s rain boots are so classic, and the quality is without a doubt, phenomenal. I like the subtle rose check pattern; it conveys the image of the brand without being too aggressive. The simple lines of the boots keep it both stylish and functional.

Fret not, there are a lot of rain boots out there that is a must have and 0o0o0oh so Uberly fantastic that we ourselves sometimes wonder “where is that pair from?”….

Do you currently own any rain boots? if yes, Twitpic us your rain boots photo to win a little something-something from us, only ONE lucky Soi addict will win it! We will get back to you in a week to get details. The most amazing “Fashion Rebel” fashionistas with the MOST Uberly rockin’ rain boots will get it. So hurry up! 🙂

*Only applicable for New York City, USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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