Who do you look for inspiration? Do you flip over to your fashion bible and get the inspiration from there, or adore a fashion celebrity and wish you can be just like her? you follow and try as hard to look pretty and stunning just like what you see on the cover of a magazine? the truth is, life is not that glossy as a fashion cover or a spread in a magazine.

There is a lot of people involve in dealing with a fashion shoot, yes it is and the amount of time to make someone look amazingly beautiful in front of a magazine takes weeks to assemble. Yet, no one really cares of who is working behind the scenes. Again now, we’re asking who are your fashion style “Gurus”?

It is such a fun and simple question, right? but yet it is so hard to answer because, Hey! Fashion is what girls live for, no matter what they say about it. In every girl, they know what they want for themselves.No matter what style, punk to classy, messy to dressy.

We for once want to hear from you, some would say Sienna Miller and Blake Lively is the mother of all street style icon, some would also differ and say Kate Moss is the birth mother of TopShop. Would you agree with the statement? Fashion is unique and style is what you want to have, no matter where you are – Malaysia to New York City.

Let us know now, who are your fashion style “Gurus”?

have a nice monday fashion rebel,



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