aaaaaaaand…we are back!

Posted: November 13, 2009 in News

Do It RightAttention fashion addicts!

Yes, yes we know that we’ve been rather quiet and not been participating in any bazaars for the past few months *yawns* but fret not – Soi66 are back in action and come tomorrow, we will be in CapSquare in conjunction with Theadszoo’s Do It Right Campaign, sponsored by Durex,Diva Production for MAC Cosmetics, Malaysian Today and MYC.

We just finished prepping for tomorrow’s bazaar, and we dare say that you’ll be tempted to do a little splurging with us! We are clearing off last season’s stock, so expect some major price slashing! Remember to bring your shopping bags as well, we support the organizer’s stand on No Plastic Bags policy 🙂

Event starts at 12 pm and ends at 6pm. Come and join the fun, let us make your Saturday..who knows – there’s a high chance Durex might be giving more than just free sex talk sessions tomorrow ;p

Have a great Friday night y’all!
Be safe, play safe.



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